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Top It Off

Black Gloves Ruched Vinyl

Black Gloves Ruched Vinyl

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Add a flair to your winter wardrobe with the Disco Metallic Quilted Puffer Winter Gloves. These gloves are not only incredibly warm, but they're also super fun, sleek, and chic. With their added texting ability, you can stay connected without ever having to take your gloves off. So whether you're sending a quick text, checking your email, or scrolling through social media, you can do it all without having to expose your hands to the cold. By Top It Off

  • Gloves crafted with metallic quilted puffer fabrication.
  • Index Finger and Thumb are made with conductive material, allowing you to use your touchscreen devices with ease.
  • One size. Fits X-Small to Medium.
  • 9.5" length

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