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Mt Fuji Whiskey Glasses Boxed Set of 2

Mt Fuji Whiskey Glasses Boxed Set of 2

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Mt. Fuji Whiskey Glasses Boxed Set of Tow Whiskey Glasses.  Scale replica of Mount Fuji: This lead free crystal whiskey glass captures the mountain volcano peak of Fuji, the tallest Mountain in Japan. Our glasses chill and aerate bourbon, scotch, cocktails, tequila, Vodka as you swirl the drinking glass.  Made from one pound of patented X1 Crystalline chills in just 18 seconds. No need for whiskey stones or ice cubes watering down your drink.
Enjoy pristine whiskey without ice or stones: Store freezable whiskey glasses in the freezer, pour and enjoy the perfect sip; Beautifully crafted and dishwasher safe

Dimensions: 3.3"w x 3.3"h

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