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Mud Pie

Bacon Cooker Set Circa Mud Pie

Bacon Cooker Set Circa Mud Pie

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Bacon Cooker Set Circa Mud Pie.  Bacon really makes almost any food better! This fun bacon cooker set is designed to hold your bacon while you microwave it, and it has a joined saucer to catch and separate the grease that renders from the bacon during cooking. The cooker looks sort of like a mug, complete with a handle, and inside it has the debossed words "Don't go bacon my heart", while outside it says "I couldn't if I fried". This even comes with a little pair of silverplate tongs that says MAKIN' BACON.

Made by Mud Pie, this measures about 5.25 by 7 inches. The tongs are about 4.5 inches long.

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