Pumpkin Crafting Book

Simon & Schuster

More than 100 creative ideas for carving, painting, and decorating your family’s pumpkins!

Spice up your porch, yard, and home with the lively, decorative pumpkins in 
Pumpkin Crafting! Included in this book are more than 100 ideas for carving, painting, and dressing up your pumpkins, from imaginative carving templates to intricate painting designs and colorful accessories. Create topsy-turvy ghosts, a glowing cobweb, tea light holders, a fairy house, and more...all out of pumpkins! Carving and decorating pumpkins is a fun tradition that families have long enjoyed together every autumn—from Halloween to Thanksgiving and beyond. In addition to the decorating projects, this book contains a variety of pumpkin recipes so that you can get the best use of your pumpkins all season long.